Safe Haven Gold
“Here’s why I’m so GLAD gold crashed 35% in the last 3 years...”
I’m so glad because gold’s massive fall presents an historic opportunity, and...

...if you have the available cash AND a sturdy backbone, then you’ll want to get into one (or all) of these 4 ultra-cheap gold opportunities RIGHT NOW...


As you likely know, gold took a severe beating over the past three years. But that’s a really, really good thing. Because it gives you a great buying opportunity right now.

I know that might not make much sense, at first glance... (especially if you’re a gold bug, like I am).

So before I show you why I’m so glad the yellow metal was hammered, let’s take a look at a recent gold price chart.

Because this brutal bloodletting must be seen to be believed...


As you can see, this chart ain’t pretty.

From January to December 2013, gold shaved off close to a huge $500 per ounce!

In fact, it’s the worst single-calendar-year performance of gold in recorded history. And gold’s just puttered around at the same price ever since, moving sideways about the $1,250-per-ounce mark for the past two years.

On a percentage basis, gold didn’t even drop that far that fast during the mega-meltdown in the early ’80s...

But here’s the scary part:

The 2013 drop represents the disappearance of an estimated $5 trillion in global wealth.

Gone, just like that!

To give you an idea of just how much $5 trillion is, let’s draw a comparison or two...

Right now, the total GDP of the United States sits at $15.68 trillion.

So, if you add up the value of all of the goods and services produced in America over a year, it amounts to over $15 trillion.

Now, let’s convert that amount to gold... Here’s the result:

2013's gold drop translates into a total global wealth loss of four whole months' worth of America's GDP.

If you stacked up that much money using $100 bills, it would stretch 3,393 miles into the sky.

So you see just how big gold’s historic crash was, in terms of gold’s price and translated into lost wealth... in short, it’s not a pretty picture.

But that's a GREAT thing for some brave folks.

Only for folks that see gold at today's price as a buying opportunity, rather than a crisis...

And that's why I'm glad that gold got so smacked last year.

Because that gold drop presents us with an unbeatable opportunity to get back in on the cheap.

Right now, I bet a very important question popped into your head:

"So why do you think gold will start going back up? In other words, why won't it continue shooting down?"

Great question.

And to be frank, I can't say for sure if gold will keep going down - or if it'll reverse and rise back up. Or if it will just sit at this level, ambling along in a sideways price pattern.

But, while I can't say for sure, I CAN share what I think will happen: I think gold's gonna start going up again...

First, I want to share some signs that show gold's long slide just hit a bottom... telltale signs - data and charts - that suggest that it might be on the verge of a huge breakout to the upside...

And then, after the technical charts, I'll share some of the fundamental reasons gold ought to go up in the mid- to long-term future.

Why don't we take a look at the technical case for gold right now?

First, here's a chart of an ETF that owns a bundle of junior gold mining stocks. It's ticker is GDXJ.

The stocks this fund holds are very small – ranging from $100 million to $500 million in market cap.

And since they're so small, they give a quick, strong sign of where the gold market wants to go.

In short, GDXJ is an early and accurate gold indicator. And right now, it’s cheap as heck… check out this chart:



GDXJ took even more of a shellacking than gold prices did, slumping a nasty 85% over the past four and a half years.

But let’s look closely at the more recent past... focusing in on early 2014.

See how it bottomed out three times in rapid succession? One... two... three?

Well, that’s called a “triple bottom” and it’s one of the strongest signs of a price reversal.

And when a chart runs through a triple bottom and then runs through a previous low, that’s a firm sign that a reversal has struck and a new trend has emerged.

And you can see GDXJ springing to life early this year. Because it’s already climbed a healthy 11% since the beginning of 2015.

On top of that swift short-term rise, the big-boy institutions have taken note, pumping $77.9 million into the ETF. That’s a big chunk of serious money for a basket of tiny junior gold miners… clearly they find this to be a good buying opportunity.

So you have a double confirmation that there’s an uptrend in gold, and one likely to continue running…

Let’s take a quick look at some more proof that gold’s gonna go on a new tear…

And this new trend looks GREAT for gold... the bear market is OVER.

GLD, the ETF that directly tracks the gold bullion price, has also climbed a swift 4% so far this year.

It moves a little less aggressively than GDXJ does, but it’s also an accurate measure of the overall gold market action.

So this solid GLD uptrend looks good for gold, too.

And obviously, even the best names in the gold sector are extremely cheap right now.

After all, when the gold price drops by 34%... and the junior miner sector gets slammed down 85%... even the best of the best companies suffer massive share price drops.

So right now, the greatest gold stocks are cheap AND hated...

And they’re beginning a new rally.

Sounds like the perfect chance to get in, right?

It takes guts to jump in right after a savage bear market. Because it takes fortitude to ignore the vast negative sentiment aimed at gold and gold stocks.

It’s hard to “hold your nose” and get in so soon after these shares got decimated.

But it's at times like these - when gold is battered, bloody and hated - that the best opportunities arise.

That’s when you can make those legendary 10-bagger plays.

We just saw the charts and statistics that show the “technical” reasons why gold and gold stocks look like strong bets right now.

But what about the “fundamental” indicators? What do they say to us?

Let’s take a quick look at those right now...

As you know, Janet Yellen replaced Ben Bernanke and took over the Fed.

And she’ll just do more of the same... she’ll continue printing billions and billions of fiat dollars.

She’ll follow in the dollar-destroying footsteps of her predecessors Greenspan and Bernanke.

In short, you’re blind if you don’t see an outright currency crisis coming...

Because right now, the US borrows nearly 50 cents of every dollar the government spends. Clearly, that level of debt increase ain’t sustainable.

Here’s a chart showing the total US national debt since 1900.

Can you believe how quickly that total has rocketed up over the past few years?


And even though the Fed has announced a “tapering plan” that gradually lowered the amount of bonds they bought, they still spent a massive $65 billion per month, just to keep up the status quo.

As all of that new money gushes into the system, flooding into the stock markets and other investments, it further dilutes the purchasing power of the dollar.

Frankly, over the long term, the dollar looks doomed.

Of course, this bleak situation for the US dollar is great for gold, since it’s the ultimate safe haven against debt and currency debasement.

And foreign governments have taken note.

Their central banks have bought, stockpiled and hoarded physical gold at record rates. In 2012, combined central bank buying broke an all-time record high, with a total of 534 tons purchased.

  • Russia bought 181 tons of gold...

  • China bought a record 1,139 tons in 2012 alone!

  • South Korea almost doubled its holdings to 104.4 tons...

  • And foreign central banks have been net buyers of gold for every quarter since 2009!

And China embarked on an unbelievable gold-buying binge long before 2013.

They increased their foreign reserves by 721% between 2004 and 2012. 

Right now, the Chinese hold a whopping $3.4 trillion in gold bullion reserves.

That’s enough to buy out the combined gold stockpiles of every central bank on earth. Twice over!

And central banks weren’t the only ones “backing up the truck” in buying gold last year... foreign consumers passed all records, too.

The global consumer demand for gold bars and bullion coins rose an unprecedented 28% from 2012 to 2013. That’s the highest amount the World Gold Council has ever recorded.

The US Mint even sold out of the standard Gold Eagle coin. Meanwhile, Australia’s Perth Mint saw a swift doubling in purchases.

And global gold jewelry demand also hit a new high.

So record levels of American government debt... an ugly picture for the US dollar that gets bleaker and bleaker every day... and record foreign demand for gold.

The fundamental case for gold to go up seems pretty airtight, doesn’t it?

That wraps up the twofold case for gold right now.

We took a look at the technical AND fundamental cases for an end to the gold bear market.

And it looks to us like we’ll see the continuation of this strong uptrend in gold and gold stocks.

So whether you’re a classic “gold bug” – or if you simply like to play promising profit opportunities in the markets, gold and gold stocks look like a good bet right now.

If you found that twofold case for gold’s coming rise compelling, you’re probably wondering:

"Ok, so what are the best gold opportunities right now?"

You’re in luck today. Because I want to give you the whole scoop on four (4) promising gold opportunities for right now...

  • A unique form of portable gold called “safe haven gold”...

  • Three (3) small, beaten-down precious metal stocks on the verge of a breakout, and...

I’d like to send you the precise details on all four of these intriguing gold opportunities – for FREE – in just a moment.

But first, I’d like to share a little more information on each of these under-the-radar plays...

That way you can decide if it’s something you’d like to look into for yourself. Let’s get going.

Imagine an investment with the same wealth-protecting benefits of gold but with the potential to rise in value, too...

This “holy grail” combo of protection and low-risk gains does exist.

I call it “safe haven gold.”

Safe Haven Gold is a unique and rare form of physical gold.

You can hold Safe Haven Gold in your hand – you can even carry a million bucks’ worth of it in your pocket. Because it has tangible and extremely dense intrinsic value.

It’s also portable, super easy to hide and simple to use if you need it.

But Safe Haven Gold has nothing to do with precious metal stocks, ETFs, commodity futures, funds or even straight gold bullion...

In fact, since 1970, Safe Haven Gold could have paid you THREE TIMES more than regular gold bullion.

Because of this amazing combination of safety and gains, the ultra-wealthy have used Safe Haven Gold for millennia, through good times and bad.

For example, King Farouk of Egypt, Mayer Baron Rothschild and the Onassis family owned vast quantities of Safe Haven Gold...

Yet, I’m betting you’ve never even heard of it. And is it any wonder?

The ultra-wealthy don’t share their best secrets with guys like you and me.

But every once in a while, regular folks stumble upon this Safe Haven Gold secret...

How poor cotton-pickin’ Pittman used Safe Haven Gold to become a millionaire:

Consider the amazing story of John Jay Pittman.

At age 7, John sweated it out in the brutal North Carolina heat, picking cotton for 10 cents a day. He worked his hands bloody and he didn’t own his first pair of new shoes until age 10.

As a young adult he waited tables to pay his way through college. Finally, he landed an engineering job at Kodak.

He worked extremely hard all of his young life for this modest success, until one day his grandmother gifted him a few pieces of Safe Haven Gold... she thought he had earned it.

And he instantly became obsessed. He applied his tireless work ethic to learning everything he could about this unique and historic gold investment.

And in short order he turned a handful of small investments into a million-dollar fortune...

For example, he turned...

  • $1,050 into $13,000, a 1,138% safe haven gain...

  • $325 into $57,500, a 17,592% safe haven gain...

  • And $605 into $467,000, a 77,090% safe haven gain!

Pittman’s track record is stunning.

Why don’t we take a look at the index that measures the long-term performance of Safe Haven Gold?

That way, we can easily compare it to the performance of other markets over time...

Safe Haven Gold pays 3X more than normal gold...

Since 1970 the Dow has gained 2,388%...

Gold has gained 3,614%...

But the Safe Haven Gold index eclipses them all with a whopping gain of 10,299%!

That’s more than four times better than the Dow, and nearly three times better than physical gold.

Not a bad outperformance, wouldn’t you say?

And in dollar terms, a gain of 10,299% means...

$10,000 quietly turns into $1,029,900!

Or $25,000 turns into $2.6 million...

And $50,000 turns into $5.2 million.

This is why the ultra-wealthy love Safe Haven Gold... it’s an excellent wealth protector, but over time, it can also turn small investments into million-dollar windfalls.

Let me show you a bit more, and then you can make up your own mind...

Safe Haven Gold is NEVER Worth Zero...

Unlike stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and the like, Safe Haven Gold can never plunge into worthlessness.

In other words, as long as humankind exists, it will have value.

And that’s the key reason why I call it Safe Haven Gold.

Since the beginning of recorded history (5,000 years!), Safe Haven Gold has helped the careful sleep soundly at night and it can do the same for you.

Remember, it has a history of wealth preservation and growth in good times and bad.

In this sense, it’s exactly like regular, physical gold... but better.

Take a look...

Even if gold prices fall, Safe Haven Gold can soar.

Amazingly, Safe Haven Gold can deliver outsized gains regardless of what stock, bond and even gold prices do. It can even go up while the price of an ounce of gold goes down.

But how so? Good question.

You see, Safe Haven Gold is bought and sold through a unique, little-known and off-Wall Street market.

That’s why it’s not directly correlated to the overall stock market. So it doesn’t suffer the prolonged bear markets that stocks frequently suffer.

In fact, I bet your typical stock broker has no idea about Safe Haven Gold. After all, he can’t sell it to you... and he can’t take any commissions from it.

And the individuals in this unique little market don’t buy and sell Safe Haven Gold because of a jobs report, earnings hits or misses, interest rate movements or anything else that usually affects regular investments.

Simply, what this means is Safe Haven Gold gives you diversification and security from stocks, bonds and other regular investments.

In fact, you can see it as portfolio insurance.

And that’s why, even if everything else is doing poorly, Safe Haven Gold can still preserve your wealth AND hand you steady, safe gains.

As you know, the S&P just passed its all-time high...

Safe Haven Gold’s status as wealth insurance is a huge benefit right now if, like me, you think the stock market is overdue for a correction.

Truth is, this crash could come at any time, and so holding this special form of gold is just common sense.

Bottom line, Safe Haven Gold’s indestructible intrinsic value and non-correlation to regular investments lets you sleep soundly at night.

Just like an insurance policy on your family wealth.

But, its gain potential of 10,299% or even more also means it could give savvy folks life-changing profits.

This is why I think it’s one of the best investments in the world and why I want to give you a FREE report called “Safe Haven Gold Exposed” so you can see for yourself.

But let’s back up for a quick second...

How I (finally) discovered Safe Haven Gold...

Perhaps you’re wondering, if Safe Haven Gold is such a closely guarded secret of the ultra-wealthy, how do I know about it?

Well, I have a confession to make...

Hi, my name’s Will Bonner.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you know my dad, Bill Bonner.

He’s one of the first independent economic writers in America.

Agora Inc., the company he founded in 1979, is now one of the most widely read financial publishers in the world. And we have offices in 13 countries, so we literally have “boots on the ground” in every continent except Antarctica.

Stansberry & Associates, The Oxford Club, Agora Financial and Money Map Press are just a handful of the divisions within the global publishing network.

And we have internal experts on every conceivable sector of investing and finance... from value investing to options income... commodity futures and even wine, stamp and art collecting.

But starting this far-reaching company hasn’t turned Dad into an elitist snob...

You see, his banker grandfather lost everything in the Great Depression.

And growing up, Dad’s parents were so poor they couldn’t even afford running water.

These humble beginnings made Dad the hardworking man he is today...

Though he’s a successful businessman, he still drives a base model pickup truck.

And he refuses to fly first-class, I’ve even watched him turn down a FREE upgrade!

So how did this poor farm boy from Maryland do it? Here’s how:

It's not what you know... but who.

Along with working hard and being just plain lucky, my dad thinks having access to a network of insiders and experts is essential for success.

That old cliché “it’s not what you know, but who” is true.

Actually, author Napoleon Hill came to this very same conclusion in his classic book Think & Grow Rich.

And that’s why my dad’s spent the last four decades surrounding himself with some of the world’s sharpest minds in business, finance and independent economics.

Through sheer luck of being my father’s son, I’ve inherited access to this invaluable network.

And these experts have helped turn me on to gold in a big way right now. After multiple private conversations, I understood that it was a good thing that gold fell so much last year.

Because it presents us with some cheap, unique opportunities today.

Indeed, it was a longtime business contact and friend of my dad’s who recently told me all about Safe Haven Gold...

And now, I want to share this secret with you.

But why would I share this?

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It’s a simple idea, and it makes a lot of sense...

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With this in mind, let me tell you exactly how you can benefit...

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Will Bonner,
Chief Executive,
Bonner & Partners Investor Network
March 2014

P.S. Yes, I’m truly glad that gold crashed 35% over the past few years because that drop has given us a super strong buying opportunity.

That’s why I want to send you an urgent and FREE copy of “Safe Haven Gold Exposed” right away.

If you reply now, I’ll also throw in a FREE copy of “How to Master Gold Stock Investing.”

P.P.S. I almost forgot about this... and it’s yours, FREE:

CHARTER MEMBER BONUS INTERVIEW: How to Lock in Solid Gains from “Jimmy Stewart” Banks

Chris Mayer is the editor of popular financial newsletter Capital & Crisis and author of two investing books, Invest Like a Dealmaker and World Right Side Up.

Inspired by the value investing philosophies of legends like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, Chris developed the C.O.D.E. stock-picking strategy, which he uses to find bargain-basement-priced stocks for Capital & Crisis readers.

In this fascinating interview, Chris reveals an enticing opportunity. It’s an opportunity like the gold opportunities we discussed today. Because it’s very unpopular, and therefore cheap.

But it’s in a sector completely distinct from gold.

It’s a special, small, no-frills-type of local bank called a “thrift.” And a thrift doesn’t have the major problems that the multinational global investment banks have.

Because they don’t gamble on exotic derivatives, CDSes or currency swaps. They just loan out money and manage deposits the old-fashioned way.

That’s why Chris calls them “Jimmy Stewart” banks – named after Jimmy’s character in the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Remember him? The humble, honest-dealing local banker at a small savings and loan?

Well, that’s exactly the type of bank presented in this interview.

And if you respond now, I’ll send it right to your email inbox in a matter of three minutes. You’ll also receive full access to the rest of your benefits package.

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